02 Feb 2022

Can You Roll Tax Debt Into a Mortgage?

Tax Debt and Mortgages

Outstanding tax debts are not an issue in Australia. Those who analyse tax debts have noticed a few things. A difference exists between outstanding tax debts and undisputed tax debts. A small number of individuals and small companies pay the bulk of Australia’s tax liability. Plus, most Australians keep up with their tax debt payments.

Homeowners who have tax debt can roll it into a mortgage. If you attempt to roll it into a mortgage as a homebuyer, the lender will ask you several questions about it. Homebuyers who can qualify with the tax debt can wait to roll the debt into the home loan. For example, when you become a Mortgage House client, you receive access to our inventory of products such as the consolidation and business loan.

Those interested in paying off their tax liability sooner can apply for a consolidation loan. This comes in handy if you have other outstanding debts such as credit cards.

If you prefer to roll it into a home loan, our Mortgage House loan specialists have tools at their disposal to find the best solutions. After you speak with them, they will evaluate your financial circumstances. Based on your financial goals, they evaluate your application next. Once they understand your current situation, they have all the information they need to provide a new set of loan terms or alternative solutions.

Tax Debt and Mortgages Conclusion

Homeowners interested in rolling their tax debt into their mortgage can contact our team. Our loan specialists remain ready to offer you some solutions.

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