14 Jan 2022

Can You Get a Loan to Relocate a House?

Sometimes you love your home but you no longer love the location. Or you find a prefab home that you fall in love with and you need to transport it. The cost to relocate a home in Australia varies. The territory plays a role. So does the home’s size and weight.

If you want to move a house, there is no relocate a house loan per se. However, several types of financing can help you finance the move. 

The cost to relocate a home in Australia ranges between $10,000 to $15,000. Those who want to finance that amount can apply for an unsecured loan product. Moving loans that finance the costs of a move exist. They help pay for supplies, transportation, and insurance. Thus, you could use this loan product to cover the costs of physically relocating a home too.

Homeowners interested in moving and taking their mortgage with them benefit from the portable loan feature. Several variable-rate mortgages include the feature. It’s trickier with fixed-rate loans. If you can’t take your home loan with you to your new address, Mortgage House is available to finance your new home purchase.

Keep in mind that once you become a Mortgage House client, you receive access to all our product offerings. You receive access to unsecured loan products and others such as the car loan.

Relocate a House Loan Conclusion

If you need a loan to relocate a house, contact Mortgage House. Our loan specialists will take a look at your current finances and make financing suggestions. 

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