03 Sep 2022

Can I Swipe Any Credit Card Payment From My Mortgage House Offset Account?

Direct Debit Rules

A borrower can use any credit card to make payments from their Mortgage House offset account. Still, they first must ensure that the card offers interest-free purchase days and a credit limit that fits their monthly expenses. A Mortgage House offset performance is an account linked to individual home loans and similar to the processes of savings or transaction accounts. 

This allows multiple loan repayments through the same financial institution. Offset accounts can assist in paying off your home loans sooner, with less being spent on home loan interest. For example, a home loan balance of $500,000 with an offset account balance of $100,000 will only require interest to be paid on $400,000.

Mortgage House offers variable and fixed rate home loans with access to the mortgage offset account feature. A variable rate mortgage means that the interest rate can fluctuate over its life because of external and internal aspects. A fixed-rate mortgage means the interest rate is fixed and generally lasts up to five years. 

Mortgage House lending specialists can help you find the best mortgage and loan finance options and rates through personalized assistance to make the home-buying process as quick and stress-free as possible. 


An offset account allows you to make regular payments easily and save a large sum of interest. It also promotes a flexible financial status, as money can be deposited and taken out as needed without additional penalties. Unfortunately, offset accounts do not reduce the principal home loan amount.

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