21 Jun 2022

Can I refuse to pay by Direct Debit?

Refusing Direct Debit

All merchants or companies do not offer direct debit. Because of this, you are allowed to refuse to pay by direct debit. However, keep in mind that the world is expanding digitally. More and more companies and merchants are adopting direct debit and automatic payments, especially streaming sites and monthly subscriptions.

The good thing is that you can refuse to pay using this payment service. However, it can complicate things. Once you sign up under the terms and services, some special rules and requirements can make it tricky to refuse or cancel your direct debit.

If you no longer want the service or the transaction looks suspicious, it is a good first step to call your banking institution. Experts working in banks can verify the transaction and the information. During this call or visit, you can also request to cancel and refuse the direct debit. Some merchants and online companies allow you to request this through their websites, but this is not always the case.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender in Australia, constantly growing since the early 1980s. Although we do not offer banking products, we do lend money for cars, personal expenses, and homes. Some payment methods include direct debit.

Refusing Direct Debit Conclusion

Overall, if you need to refuse a direct debit payment, you can! However, refusing this type of payment can make it hard on yourself. Most businesses work by using direct debits for their sales, especially as the world expands.

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