03 Feb 2022

Can I Refinance with Tax Debt?

Refinance Tax Debt

Australians who find themselves with outstanding tax debt must deal with the interest that it accrues daily. The Australian Taxation Office makes it clear that they use daily compounding. Then, they add to the total amount outstanding. It makes sense that individuals want to pay off the debt promptly. 

Banks do not offer refinance tax debt loan options. Instead, alternative options exist. For example, Mortgage House provides an array of product solutions. As a non-bank lender, we have different freedoms than banks. Banks have conservative lending values because they also deal with deposits and savings accounts. Our operation only works with loan products. Therefore, we can offer creative solutions to our clients.

Even though it’s not possible to refinance tax debt in several cases, Mortgage House offers consolidation loans. In addition, we offer other loan products that might help you pay off your tax liability and lower the current interest that you incur. Mortgage House clients receive competitive loan terms and home loan interest rates

We encourage you to speak with our loan specialists and submit an application. Based on your current financial circumstances, our team will find loan products that help you deal with the tax debt. Plus, they help you leverage your finances to place you in a better position. 

Refinance Tax Debt Conclusion

Mortgage House provides options to individuals who seek to refinance tax debt. Our loan specialists evaluate your current financial situation and goals. From there, they determine the best product that helps you overcome your tax debt. Contact our team today.

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