23 Mar 2022

Can I Make An Offer on a Property Based on the Results of a Mortgage Borrowing Calculator?

Make an Offer on a Property

It’s tempting to make an offer on a property after calculating your borrowing capacity on a Mortgage House online calculator. However, the results that our calculators render serve as estimates. To ensure that you can receive those loan terms, speak with a loan specialist before making an offer.

Home sellers and their representatives prefer to negotiate with homebuyers who have already secured their financing. A pre-approval letter gives homebuyers credibility. Home sellers do not want deals to fall through, especially when they receive several offers. If they click with a homebuyer, it helps negotiations. However, so do pre-approval letters from lenders and proof of secured financing. 

In 2022, homebuyers have several resources available to them including our Mortgage House home loan calculator. These resources help them prepare for the mortgage application process. As more technology enters the industry, lenders hope to automate the process. Mortgage House has remained an innovator in the lending market since 1986. Thanks to our proprietary tools, our loan specialists can evaluate applications more efficiently and quickly. Then, they have more time to find competitive loan terms for most applicants. It also allows homebuyers to find loan terms that suit their financial goals and the realities of their finances. 

Mortgage House helps homebuyers become homeowners. We work with first-time homebuyers, owner-builders, and investors. 

Make an Offer on a Property Conclusion

To make an offer on a property, homebuyers require an approved mortgage commitment or pre-approval from a lender. Mortgage House loan specialists remain available to discuss your options. Contact our team today.

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