12 Aug 2022

Can a bank charge break fees?

Loan Application Fees

Whenever you enter a contract, especially a mortgage there are requirements necessary to follow. If you do not follow the requirements as stated in the contract, then your financial institution can charge you a break fee. Breaking a contract comes with consequences. Keep in mind that not all banks charge a bank break fee, but it is good to check with your lender directly. 

Break fees are interest adjustments that are typically large and charged if you make an early full repayment or refinance to a lower interest rate. There are a lot of fees when deciding on a mortgage. If you are having trouble keeping up with the amount of money it takes to apply for a mortgage, it is best to write and keep track of the expenses on a sheet. 

As soon as you sign your mortgage, it is a legally binding document and important to read. Remember, banks are still businesses and want to make money which is why they charge a break fee. However, if you are still interested in breaking your fixed-rate mortgage, there are free online break fee calculators that are easy to use. To use these calculators, you will need to input your loan terms, the length remaining on your fixed loan contract, the total value of your loan, the interest rate that you are fixed at, and the current fixed interest rates the lender offers.

Banks Charging Break Fees Conclusion

In conclusion, breaking a contract can hurt your bank. Brake fees are not cheap, but it is sometimes necessary. Mortgage house lenders are ready to speak with you about your mortgage options including being transparent about all the fees associated with mortgages.

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