08 Mar 2022

Business Opportunities with Mortgage House

Business Opportunities

Mortgage House opened its doors in 1986. We strived to bring innovation to the lending industry from day one. As a non-bank lender, we operate differently from banks. Since we don’t service deposits and savings accounts, we focus on issuing loan products. We don’t have the liquidity mandates banks face. Thus, we can offer innovative loan products to first-time homebuyers, second home buyers, investors, and owner-builders.

In addition, we offer business opportunities to professionals in the lending industry. By becoming a branch representative for Mortgage House, you enjoy several benefits. For example, our loan specialists can efficiently evaluate all mortgage applications. They have access to our proprietary tools. Thus, Mortgage House loan specialists easily identify important elements on every application. 

Then, they match the most appropriate loan products to the applicant’s financial circumstances and goals. Plus, we help our clients prepare for the loan application process. Our resources extend to products beyond home loans. We offer our car loan calculator to customers online with no strings attached. 

As a Mortgage House branch, your operation enjoys access to our proprietary tools too. Moreover, you receive our full support. You become authorised to offer our loan products and discounts that our customers love. Our reach goes beyond mortgages. We also help customers consolidate debt, obtain personal loans, and refinance their mortgages. 

Business Opportunities with Mortgage House

As we remain innovators in the lending industry, we continue providing business opportunities for professionals. You can join our team by opening a branch. Contact us to learn more.

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