21 May 2022

Business Loan Comparison Shopping: Compare and Calculate

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Individuals seeking business loans or mortgages benefit from comparison shopping. Most lenders seek specific types of clients based on their specialty. Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Since we do not service savings accounts and deposits, we do not have liquidity requirements as banks do. Therefore, we can issue loans that banks will reject. 

Banks focus on issuing loans that have the least amount of risk attached to them. They might issue business loans to long-term clients or those that can provide a significant amount of collateral against the debt.

Interest rates for business loans in Australia average between 3% to 5%. The circumstances will dictate the final loan terms. 

Mortgage House clients receive access to our entire product line including our business loans. In addition, our clients receive access to our competitive loan terms and home loan interest rates. We work with investors who use our mortgages to build property portfolios. Then, they might require financing to fund their company’s operations.

Applying for a business loan requires financial documentation. Plus, lenders want to know how the applicants plan to use the financing; it’s part of the financial background check. Our Mortgage House lending specialists take a look at the market to ensure that the plans remain feasible. Our goal is to put our clients in a financial position to succeed. 

Mortgage House Business Loans Options Conclusion

Mortgage House is among the lenders that will issue business loans to business owners. To explore your options, contact our lending specialists today.

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