29 Dec 2022

Borrowing Considerations for Niche Investors

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What are the Benefits of Joining a Well-Known & Established Mortgage Company?

A benefit of joining a well-known and established mortgage company is gaining access to borrowing considerations for niche investors. Mortgage House has a variety of offerings catered to various types of customers, including niche investors. 

Mortgage House home loan providers consider each loan application on a case-by-case basis, ensuring proper consideration of each application in order to provide the best solutions possible. We offer various types of niche solutions, including the Red Series, Advantage Series, and Blue Series. 

The Red Series

The Red Series of niche solutions offers competitive solutions for premium and specialty customers and clients with access to faster loan approvals and includes the following advantages:

  • Access to niche solutions for speciality loans and niche investors
  • Access to competitive loan rates with fast application approvals
  • Access to flexible solutions with clever policy considerations

The Advantage Series

The Advantage Series of niche solutions offers access to our low rate loans with no fuss to premium customers and includes the following advantages:

  • Access to streamlines documentation across our various product offerings
  • Access to large borrowing capacities with super low rates
  • Access to a wide variety of loans that are available for every type of purpose

The Blue Series

The Blue Series of niche solutions specialises in unique cases, giving branches the ability to deliver the best solutions possible for their customers needs and includes the following advantages:

  • Access to greater flexibility for niche solutions
  • Access to loan size considerations for special cases
  • Access to tax-efficient considerations for borrowing requirements
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