12 Sep 2022

Best Mortgage Rates – Who Is Offering the Best Refinance Mortgage Rates?

Low Mortgage Rates

Homeowners interested in refinancing their home loans may wonder who is currently offering the best refinance mortgage rates for Australian home owners. Currently, the online mortgage lender loans.com.au is offering the best refinance mortgage rates of 3.10% through their variable home loan. However, they do require applicants to have a minimum deposit of 30%. You can find the lender offering the best refinance mortgage rates for your current financial status by researching and comparing the various rates available to you and picking the best option.

Refinancing your mortgage simply means you are paying off your existing home loan with the funds received from a new mortgage broker or lender. Homeowners can save money by refinancing to a lower interest rate because they will end up paying less on their monthly mortgage repayments. Mortgage refinancing can also give a homeowner access to the equity accrued from consistent mortgage repayments and allow them to borrow against it through refinancing or a line of credit. Homeowners should take stock of their current financial status, credit score, and repayment history before deciding to refinance for continued financial safety. 

Lastly, mortgage refinancing can result in benefits like:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Saving money on repayments
  • Increased borrowing capacity. 

Interested in refinancing your existing mortgage but unsure where to begin? Reach out to the professional lending specialists at Mortgage House today for advice, specialized assistance, and a smooth application process. Before you go, take a look at our Best Rate Mortgage Calculator to quickly and accurately compare the rates available to you.

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