25 Nov 2022

Best mortgage home loan rates – What’s Australia’s best home loan rate?

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If you’ve been searching for the lowest mortgage rate, it might seem like every bank offers the same thing. But there are many reasons why some lenders charge less than others, and here are five things to consider about what makes mortgages vary in price.

1. Market conditions

Home loan interest rates are influenced by the RBA’s cash rate, market reference rates, and deposit levels. This means that while we know that the RBA’s cash rates will likely remain steady for the foreseeable future, the level of competition within the banking sector could change.

2. Borrower profile

How borrowers use their money influences whether they qualify for specific home loan products. For instance, people who borrow more significant money tend to pay higher interest rates because they often put down more significant deposits.

3. Lender’s costs

Lenders incur additional costs when processing applications, including legal fees, underwriting, insurance premiums, administration fees, and marketing expenses. In addition, lenders’ profit margins vary depending on the product they sell.

4. Mortgage lender fees

Mortgage lenders can be paid a commission or fee from both the borrower and lender. The amount charged is usually based on the size of the loan.

5. Other factors

Other factors such as location, property type, and even the state government’s tax system can influence the cost of a home loan.

The Chameleon Executive Home Loan 50 has the lowest interest rate at 4.49% pa. for a variable rate loan.

It is highly recommended that potential borrowers and homeowners reach out to a mortgage lending specialist to ensure they are receiving the best possible rate. Take a look at the Mortgage House Best Rate Mortgage Calculator to begin quickly calculating and comparing the mortgage rates you are eligible to receive.

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