24 Nov 2021

Best Home Loan Products for the Experienced Investor

At Mortgage House, we cater to a variety of customers including experienced property investors. As non-bank lenders, we have the freedom to balance risk with reward. Real estate investors understand the benefits the Australian housing market offers. It also carries a degree of risk. 

We offer investors a variety of products that include variable and fixed-rate home loans. Our team also offers split loans and interest-only products. The interest-only home loan provides attractive benefits. It carries an interest-only period of five to seven years. This keeps the repayments low.

Thanks to the low repayments, an investor has the cash needed to upgrade or renovate the property. Plus, they have the cash to market the property’s sale. If they intend to buy the property and hold it, the low repayments help the investor to find a renter.

After a few months, the rental income starts to flow. Thus they build a cash reserve to start paying back the home loan with ease.

Variable and fixed-rate home loans fall into the traditional category. They don’t provide large upfront savings, but they help the investor purchase an attractive property quickly. 

Split loans fall in between fixed-rate and variable loans. The investor determines the final amount of interest they’ll pay by balancing the loan between variable rates and fixed. 

Experienced Property Investor Conclusion

Mortgage House works with several types of clients including investors. We offer products for experienced property investors. To explore your options, contact our Mortgage House loan specialists. We have the tools to find the best product.

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