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08 Dec 2021

Benefits of Interest Offset Account

Sometimes homeowners take the mortgage and home loan terms that they qualify for at that time. When the young generation purchases a home, they have little financial credibility unless they bring in a qualified guarantor.

Nonetheless, an interest offset account is available to all homeowners who obtain a qualifying mortgage.  Here we outline three benefits that this account provides.

After obtaining a mortgage, a homeowner can link the offset account to it. The amount the homeowner places in the account directly lowers the outstanding principal. This means that the homeowner pays less in home loan interest rate charges. Over time, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars in interest. 

If the homeowner keeps up with making deposits into the offset account, they can pay off their mortgage sooner. This means that they also build equity faster and own their home more quickly.

The offset account doesn’t lock up the funds. If you need access to them, you can withdraw them. However, it’s best to continually deposit funds into the account. To maximise it, lenders recommend depositing 100% of your income. Diligent homeowners can pay off their mortgage months before the loan length outlined in the original agreement. Thus the final benefit of the offset account is its flexibility. No account minimum exists. Plus, it doesn’t lock your funds. In addition, the account remains free.

Interest Offset Account Conclusion

Obtain more information about our Mortgage House interest offset account by contacting our loan specialist team. They have the tools to provide additional insight.

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