18 Apr 2016

Where are Australians Buying Homes?

Real estate is ever-changing, and opportunities are always unexpectedly coming and going. For the watchful homeowner on a journey to find their dream home, these shifts provide ample opportunity to grab premium homes before vacancies are filled.

It’s helpful to look where property is selling out quick. That’s usually an obvious sign that a particular area is both desirable and, for the time being, available. If you’re looking to buy a home, keeping track of fast-rising suburbs like these is a good idea.

Vaucluse, NSW

The most notable suburb to experience a status boost recently is Vaucluse in NSW, shooting up by 345 spots in just three months on realestate.com.au’s popularity rankings.

Vaucluse is a high-end premiere suburb, so it’s no surprise that it’s a sought after location for a home. The recent spike, however, has been attributed to more buying opportunities opening up in the area.

Boasting stunning harbour views, Vaucluse is a premiere Sydney location on the radar of Australians everywhere right now.

Templestowe, VIC

Making a recent appearance in the national top 10, Templestowe goes against the coastal trend behind the popularity of Vaucluse.

Templestowe borders Melbourne’s Yarra River. The area is covered in parklands, with modern shopping malls alongside them.

There are plenty of schools in Templestowe, so it might be a good area to investigate if you have children (or are planning on it). The public transport in Templestowe is quite limited however, so be weary if you don’t have a car.

Templestowe is 16 km north of Melbourne’s CBD.

Richmond, SA

Adelaide’s Richmond experienced a significant jump over a short period of time recently as well, jumping up 212 spots.

Regarded as one of the more affordable city-fringe locations in Adelaide, Richmond is an area that has everything covered: Public transport, beach proximity and city proximity.

It’s also located near schools, so it’s ideal for young adults as well as families.

Olinda, VIC

Recently appearing in the national top ten alongside Templestowe, Olinda is also a non-coastal Victorian suburb.

Located 36 km east of Melbourne’s CBD, Olinda is twice as far from the big city as Templestowe. With facilities and organisations dedicated to golf, cricket, football and netball in the area, there’s no shortage of options for the sports fan.

Olinda is a beautiful, quiet getaway location that Aussies are going nuts for. Its name comes from Olinda Creek, beginning within the area.

Gwynneville, NSW

For renters, no location is rising in popularity faster than Gwynneville right now, which rose 224 spots on the national rankings over three months.

Gwyneville is about 2 km south of Wollongong University. Further south is a new private hospital, the construction of which has led to young interns and other medical professionals rapidly filling vacancies in the area.

The popularity of the area has also been attributed to university students looking for safe accommodation in close proximity to the university.

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