17 May 2022

After Pay Account: How Do I Close It?

after pay account

An After Pay Account allows Australians to spread out the cost of purchases. Australians can spread out the costs over four payments due once every two weeks. Some users will give the first payment at the time of the purchase. The platform offers a convenient payment method. The company pays the retailer upfront. Then, the user repays the platform. 

Although it’s a convenient service, some Australians might decide that they want to close the account. When that time arrives, it’s good to know how to close the account.

After Pay makes it easy. First, log into the account. Navigate to your profile page. Next, search for the deactivate option. To ensure you want to reactivate the account, the platform will confirm your choice. The platform verifies your identity by asking the user to enter their password. Once the platform processes the request, the user will receive an email confirmation. 

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After Pay Account Conclusion

Closing an After Pay Account simply requires users to log into their accounts. Then, they can deactivate them. Individuals interested in financing a vacation, vehicle, or home purchase can contact Mortgage House lending specialists to explore their options today.

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