11 Nov 2021

10% deposit Home Loans Get a Mortgage from Mortgage House

Mortgage House is ready to help homeowners looking to buy a house with only a 10% deposit. Although some lender companies frown upon no deposit or low deposit loans, Mortgage House does not! It is possible to place a 10% deposit on a loan to buy a home through a Mortgage House.

There are many advantages to owning a home in Australia. When owning a home, the homeowner has the last say and can make any changes they would like. This is different from renting and having to ask and plead with landlords to make changes or fix what needs to be fixed.

Homeowners that feel ready for home, though, may not have the amount necessary for a 20% deposit. When this is the case, Mortgage House will happily help by taking a look at factors surrounding the situation. For example, Mortgage House will look at the credit score of each applicant for their loan and, based on the score, make a decision. Typically, higher credit scores have a better chance of approval. Credit scores let home loan experts understand the applicant’s history with repaying debts. 

Mortgage House is dedicated to helping homeowners find a perfect home through their lending options. Not only will Mortgage House look at credit scores, but they will also view employment history and income. When applicants have a high annual income, they are more likely to pay the monthly repayment fees. Mortgage House can help homeowners receive a mortgage with a 10% deposit on home loans.

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