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Your partnership with Mortgage House includes finding the best home loan rate with the lowest cost for fees and services. Costs include stamp duty, an expense that can bite if it’s not taken into consideration when undertaking loan negotiations. Our stamp duty calculator gives the total estimated cost of stamp duty plus a breakdown of associated fees. Buying a house remains the largest financial transaction most people make, so doing the sums before you enter into the loan agreement is the best way to save money on your investment.

What is stamp duty and why do I pay it on my property?

Stamp duty is a tax related to property purchases. It is levied by all Australian states and territories. You will likely need to pay stamp duty no matter where you purchase a house or land in Australia. However, there are incentives and discounts available to first home buyers and other categories. Stamp duty essentially covers the cost of transferring the property title and ownership details.

The stamp duty you pay is calculated according to the property purchase price, the location of the property and the purpose of the loan. By knowing how much stamp duty you need to pay, you can better plan your budget for a mortgage. You can include stamp duty costs in the amount borrowed or pay your stamp duty up front to lower your overall mortgage.

Stamp Duty Calculator

The price of buying the property
The State/Territory where you will be buying the property
What is the primary use of the property e.g. will it be your main residence or are you buying the property as an investment?
What is the type of the property that you are buying?
Are you a first time buyer of property? You may receive discounts on the stamp duty paid as first time buyer.



Important Disclaimer: This is intended as a guide only. Values used in the calculations are subject to change.

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Transfer Fee


Stamp Duty Fee


Total Stamp Duty Costs


How does a stamp duty calculator work?

The Mortgage House stamp duty calculator is just one of the many resources we offer to help you find the right home loan. Other initiatives include our mortgage borrowing calculator, mortgage repayment calculator, budget planner calculator, switching mortgage calculator and best rate mortgage calculator. The stamp duty calculator is easy to use, providing information that will help you budget, while also easing concerns related to additional loan fees and charges.

Stamp duty is based on the value of the property you want to purchase, not how much money you plan to borrow. Simply select the property value on the stamp duty calculator and select the state you are buying the property in. The calculator also factors whether you are purchasing as an owner-occupier or investor. Different property types also attract varying stamp duty payments, so you will need to choose whether your potential purchase is an established property, newly built, off the plan or vacant land. If you are a first home buyer, you are eligible for savings, so make sure you let your bank or lender know.

What about other types of mortgage calculators?

The Mortgage House stamp duty calculator is just one item in your customer toolkit. We have a range of calculators that can help you find a suitable home loan. Our mortgage repayment calculator allows you to find out how much your repayments can be, along with the interest you will pay over the life of your loan. The borrowing calculator provides a guide for accessing a suitable loan amount according to your income and expenses.

The budget planning calculator keeps you on track while saving, making repayments and balancing finances. Our best rate mortgage calculator allows you to compare the range of Mortgage House loans, taking interest and repayment rates into account for choosing a tailored home loan product. The switching mortgage calculator displays payment variables between your present loan and a new one, helping you decide if it’s a good time to switch. Although the calculators are guides, they give a good indication of the varied services available at Mortgage House.

Why does stamp duty differ by state?

Stamp duty is a state tax, with each state setting their own cost. As such, the amount required to pay, along with eligibility, varies across states. The amount to pay can in some cases be double from one state to another, depending on the location and value of the property. Stamp duty is calculated according to the market value of the property rather than the loan amount borrowed for making a purchase.

State Government charges can vary depending on your intended use of the property. Charges differ for owner-occupied properties, first home buyers, and people who have purchased a property before.  The Mortgage House stamp duty calculator allows you to switch between states to compare rates in other parts of Australia.

Does stamp duty differ with property types?

It’s important to take relative Australian state stamp duty into consideration when calculating your borrowing power. You will also need to know if your prospective property will be owner-occupied, an investment, a house and land package, or vacant land. For example, if you are purchasing a house and land package, and the house isn’t built yet, you will only pay stamp duty on the land. This can save you thousands of dollars. When exploring Mortgage House calculator options, make sure stamp duty is included, so you will know exactly where you stand.

How can you reduce stamp duty costs?

As with the majority of government taxes and fees, there aren’t many ways to negotiate the amount of stamp duty you will need to pay. You may consider purchasing a less expensive property to bring all costs, including stamp duty, down to affordable levels. The higher the value of your property, the more stamp duty you will be expected to pay. If you are looking for an investment property, you may consider buying in a state that offers lower stamp duty for your intended property purchase type. With an understanding of expected mortgage fees and charges, you will be better equipped to negotiate according to your budget.

How does being a first home buyer affect stamp duty costs?

It’s in the best interest of state governments to make it easier for people to purchase their first home. First home buyers are offered significant stamp duty reductions for most owner-occupier home loan products, and in some instances, you won’t have to pay any stamp duty at all. The experts at Mortgage House have been helping Australians achieve home ownership since 1986, and as one of Australia’s most awarded non-bank lenders, we provide the backing and influence that can save you money during every phase of the mortgage application and home ownership.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stamp Duty

Is transfer duty different to stamp duty, and how much will I pay?

Transfer duty is simply another name for stamp duty. Once you input your information into the stamp duty calculator you will get a breakdown of fees associated with your specific purchase. If you are buying a house and land package, for example, stamp duty is only payable on the land portion, providing the house is yet to be built. The fees shown are estimates, although they give a good indication of the amount you will need to pay. How much you pay depends on the location of the property, how much the property costs and the type of property you buy.

What is mortgage duty?

Mortgage duty is a fee charged on each mortgage. It isn’t related to stamp duty and has been abolished in most states and territories, although a nominal $5 fee is charged in Queensland for transferring a mortgage.

What is an owner-occupied property?

An owner-occupier is a person who intends to live in the property they purchase. This is the most common form of home loan, although the surge in purchasing investment properties all around Australia continues unabated. Stamp duty is generally less for owner-occupied properties compared to investment properties, which usually also incur slightly higher interest rates to insure lenders against the risk factors involved. Whatever your property objectives are, understanding how stamp duty works can save you money.

Why choose the Mortgage House stamp duty calculator?

The stamp duty calculator and other services provided by Mortgage House transfer the borrowing power into your hands. Once you have a handle on your personal potential, your negotiation skills can shine. We believe in giving you a borrowing advantage by avoiding confusing legal jargon, providing a comprehensive range or mortgage services, and saving you money wherever possible. Your home loan satisfaction is our success, so we remain approachable and on hand to assist wherever possible.

At Mortgage House, we retain the best of personalised service while delivering optimum loan outcomes for all borrowers. It’s no secret that breaking into the housing market can be difficult, and states are focussed on easing prohibitive levels of housing affordability. Every dollar saved will make a difference in the short and long-term, so rather than sugar-coat the situation, Mortgage House helps you get started with a genuine plan for loan application success.

Purchasing a home remains the biggest investment most people make, and getting it right the first time is something to be proud of. Take the time to explore our stamp duty calculator, other mortgage calculators and additional incentives, and you will be on track for making the best possible mortgage choice. We can find you a home loan with a better interest rate, superior features, lower fees and charges, plus other value-added options that all add up to big savings.