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How Mortgage House Can Help

The interest rate on your Mortgage House Visa card is set at the same low rate as your home loan. Just imagine – your credit card interest rate is back to being a single digit again!

The Deluxe House Visa by Mortgage House is secured against your home mortgage. It has the same credit card interest rate as your standard variable home loan interest rate. Other benefits include:

  • Card limits available between $500 – $20,000

  • Up to 55 days interest-free

  • Optional cheque book

  • Free BPAY

  • Free ATM transactions from selected ATMs

  • Free Online Banking

  • Free Direct Credits

  • Accepted at more than 24 million establishments worldwide

  • Cash available at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide

  • Up to $20 worth of free transactions each statement period.

These benefits can equate to huge savings on your credit card bill each month. Here’s an example on how much the average Australian credit card holder can save.


Average Credit Card Balance $3,130
Deluxe House Visa

Westpac Low Rate Visa

7.04% 13.49%
Minimum Monthly Repayment
$63 $64
Paying only the minimum
You’d pay $4,194
over 11 years 7 months

You’d pay $6,272
0ver 16 years 9 months


The average credit card balance for Australians was $3,130 in June 2017 (Source: Deluxe House Visa interest rate is 7.04% as at 12/09/17. Westpac Low Rate Visa credit card is 13.49% as at 12/09/17. (Source: It is a model, not a prediction. Results are only estimates; the actual amounts may be higher or lower.