Mortgage Broker

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker has their own ABN and is accredited with MFAA, with the ability to write loans from a panel of lenders. It is the role of the Mortgage Broker to listen to the customer’s needs and match them to a loan (home loan, investment loan, refinance loan etc) that best meets their requirements.

Why Become a Mortgage House accredited Mortgage Broker?

  • Access to one of Australia’s leading Non Bank lenders.
  • Access to an expansive product range that is competitively priced and innovative with points of difference.
  • Competitive commission structure with no clawback.
  • No fees to become accredited.
  • No minimum volume requirements to maintain accreditation.
  • You own your clients relationship – certainty of client ownership.
  • Access to one of the few Non Bank lenders with a well known retail brand.
  • Consistent transparent service proposition.
  • Free access to an online lodgement and tracking platform which fully encompasses our credit policy.
  • Commitment to on going training and development of accredited brokers.

How to Become a Mortgage House Accredited Mortgage Broker?

1. Contact Mortgage House on (02) 8116 1000 to ascertain your aggregator is accredited with Mortgage House.
2. Attend a Mortgage House accreditation training session (you must complete accreditation register at training).
3. Complete Broker Accreditation Form.
4. Provide completed Broker Accreditation Form to your authorised Aggregator Representative for verification. They will then proceed with supporting documents to [email protected]
5. Once accredited you will receive your Mortgage House system logon.

Copies of the following documents are required for each loan writer:

  • Current membership certificate for MFAA and/or FBAA.
  • Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Funding – certificate of completion.
  • Primary Identification Documents – (colour certified copies of passport or birth certificate and driver’s licence).
  • Completed Broker Accreditation Form.

For further information about becoming a Mortgage House Accredited Mortgage Broker please call Mortgage House Head Office on (02) 8116 1000.